Top MEDIA Talent  
Whether you're looking for the TOP TALENT or you're seeking a position with a top company...there's no other recruiting agency that's quite like us!

Recognized by Worldwide WHO'S WHO for Excellence in Executive Recruitment 2013/2014...voted an "Elite American Executive" by WHO'S WHO 2014...noted as a "Top Female Executive 2013"...and

Recognized by Donald Trump Jr., as a VIP Member by "CAMBRIDGE WHO'S WHO FOR EXCELLENCE IN EXECUTIVE RECRUITMENT" 2011/2012.


You want the "perfect fit" for your position.  You want to work with a recruiter that has recent industry experience.

The media business is an ever-changing and evolving industry.  The experienced candidate you seek today, is a different breed from that of yesteryear. 

At TOP MEDIA TALENT, we pride ourselves on not only being current in the media industry, but in clearly defining your needs.

You'll get only the TOP MEDIA TALENT to help you achieve your goals.

We guarantee it!


Top MEDIA Talent provides exceptional Media and Marketing Mangement support for Celebrities and high-profile individuals. 

Our services are customized to fit the Client's specific industry needs.

Contact us today for a Consultation!


You want accurate and honest information when looking for your TOP POSITION. 

You want to work with a recruiter you know and trust.
Someone who knows you and your capabilities.

You want a fair and unbiased matching of your skills and areas of expertise to the potential position.

You want a recruiter who seeks to find you a position when it appears no positions are available.

You don't have to settle for less.  So, don't.

Contact us today to find your TOP POSITION.

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